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The main elements of the monument are a life size man and woman facing each other. The relief panels depict their war experiences. The sculptures symbolise the universal human right principles of Freedom and Justice, a notion important to especially the people of the 21st century. Visitors may quietly move through the monument, sit and contemplate the war, and in this way become physically and emotionally involved with the monument.

The male figure represents the Rebel. He revolted against the injustice that his blood brothers in the republics had to endure. Later also against the oppression in the Cape Colony. The granite panels behind him are symbolic of the impenetrable restrictions of the merciless, cold Martial Law with which the British badly disrupted the Rebel’s humanity and threatened his survival. Through superior numbers and weaponry he was driven helplessly into a corner.

The female figure is symbolic of the resolute woman as pillar of strength in her family and for her nation: of her perseverance, steadfastness, wisdom and spiritual strength.

May this never happen again!


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